the new faces


I had the privilege of concepting and art-directing the Spring 2020 portfolio website for Madison College design grads. My concept is appropriately named “The New Faces” because as recent graduates of design programs, we are the new faces of the creative world. Through this concept I wanted to celebrate our individuality not only as designers, but also as people with distinct arrays of life experiences that inform who we are as creatives. This concept takes an illustrative approach brought to life by my peers and I who collaborated to create a wide array of assets including patterns, typography, spot-illustrations, and motion graphics.

  • Art Direction 

  • Illustration



This pattern was a collaborative by myself and my peers, Natalie Bradt-Wilkins, Sam Long, and Kaitlin Richards, in the Madison College Graphic Design program. I asked my team of illustration friends to create an array of face doodles, myself included, which I then traced in Adobe Illustrator & stitched into these patterns. The Pattern is used across the show's branding, including the website, the invite, and social media surrounding the show. 

Below are some of my sketches through which I planned the art direction:

Hover states for each students web-page on the portfolio website.